PvP corporations in EVE have several problems

The first and biggest problem is how they treat their list of allies called “blues”. If you go anywhere and join any corporation, they will have a list of blues, and the blue status governs how that group treats their blues. The blue status tells that group to never aggress, never harm, and leave alone whoever they're “blue” with. While some pilots in that group may not follow this code, it is enforced...and those that do not bend a knee are summarily dismissed. This poses a huge problem for PvP corps. The bigger their list of blues grows the fewer targets they have to engage in combat. In an optimal situation, a PvP corp would have no blues, other than the alternate accounts of its members.  This leaves anybody and everybody a valid target, which is something that every fervent PvPer wishes for.

The second problem that infests almost every PvP corporate in New Eden today is a lack of direction given by its leaders. Most PvP corporations have a mission statement something along the lines of "We're a PvP corp that likes to roam around and acquire the dankest of frags." Every low life, scrub level, scum sucking, trash tier corporation will give you that message. That message sums up the entire purpose of their existence. They are nothing more than that, and have no motive to be. Their fleets and other operations will have no purpose other than fulfilling a very short term goal. The leaders of that group have no grand scheme in mind. They have no long term goals for their corporation to work towards. Therefore, the group lacks any sort of cohesion and like-mindedness, which brings about drama and internal struggles, which usually ends the corporation.

The third problem that many groups run into is lack of direction after achieving its goals. Many leaders in EVE start their corporation with a very definite goal in mind. They want their group to achieve something, to be something bigger and better than the rest. When their pilots achieve the goals set in place by the leader, they take on a state of stagnancy. Many leaders fail to realize that in order for their corporation to keep thriving, they must put new and bigger goals in place for the corp. When a group has their minds set on achieving something and they achieve it, it is difficult to pull their minds out of that framework of thinking. Once they achieve what they set out to do, they can't stop. They need to keep going, they need to achieve more. Their minds become programmed by habit, which is how all the good PvP groups of New Eden stay good, and the bad ones stay bad. If a PvP group is to stay on top of the competition, they need to keep doing what they've been doing, or improve what they've been doing. Many leaders fail to realize this, which then results in the members being dissatisfied with their leaders, and the overall quality of the corporation to degrade over time.

Now there are some groups in New Eden that do not have these problems, or do not succumb to those problems. Those groups are usually mercenary organizations that let 3rd parties decide their goals, or groups that have a reason for existing and base all of their actions around that reason. The whole reason that Black Wolf Syndicate was founded was to address the problems listed above. We are sick of the lack of direction, the stagnancy, and most of all, the huge list of blues that every entity in Eve seems to have.

Who We Are - Who We Plan To Be

Black Wolf Syndicate strives not to be another average PvP corp. We have the desire and potential to become something EVE has never seen before. We aim to become a real syndicate, a cartel, a mob that controls its enemies through extortion and fear. To be more detailed, we plan to control a null sec region of EVE, not by means of sovereignty mechanics in game, but through means of fear, harassment, extortion, infiltration, demoralization, terrorization, and overpowering pressure applied to those who officially hold sovereignty in our area of operations. Much like how the mafia extorted and controlled businesses in New York, we plan to do the same in tactics. We don’t want to be the government in null sec…we want to be the criminal underbelly of the larger alliances. Our plans are to make large profits off of our endeavors, and use those profits for the betterment of Syndicate members. We will redefine what it means to be a criminal organization in New Eden, and raise the bar for all those who wish to be a criminal enterprise in New Eden.

Along with that, we plan to be the most intimidating BLOPs force that New Eden has ever seen, and while this is a lofty goal…we will be emphasizing tactics over brute force as we expect to always be outnumbered. Our strategic goals will be aided by a number of field tactics that is privy to our pilots alone.

Activities we engage in

Below is a small list of the activities that the Black Wolf Syndicate engages in. This list is provided so pilots interested in joining may get an idea of what they may be doing in our ranks.

Primary Activities

  • Black Ops (which includes cloaky camping and hunting)
  • Terrorizing regional sovereignty operations
  • Roaming around null and lowsec for training
  • PvPing for fun and profit with structured payouts
  • Building compact "AT Like" fleets for null sec operations

Secondary Activities

  • Wormhole day tripping and chain mapping
  • Gate camping
  • Suicide ganking in high sec
  • Flying in Spectre Fleet
  • Flying in Bomber’s Bar
  • T1 training fleet ops

Our code of conduct

We do not have a long list of rules or procedures. Below is a short list of core ideas that makes Black Wolf Syndicate. Besides our alternate accounts, we have no blues. We only have frenemies. Our frenemies are neutral to us during quiet times, thus making them valid targets. However, when there are big fish to fry, or an important operation that needs to be done, we fleet up with our frenemies to complete the task ahead of us. While in fleet, they are blue (actually purple NPSI), and not valid targets! Once the fleet is done, everything goes back to normal. There is a no-capitals rule. Anywhere in space, capitals belonging to our frenemies are not valid targets, and vise versa. Structures are also non-valid targets. Valid targets are battleships and down that aren't in fleet.

We do allow ratting as a last resort activity. There are a few rules to this though.

  1. Don't rat in supers or capitals anywhere in null sec. If you're an expert level 5 mission runner, feel free to do those (they're in low sec and require a carrier to do them well).
  2. Do not rat in belts or anomalies unless you have excellent situational awareness. It's far too easy to get caught in anomalies or belts, so just stay away from them. Be PVP fit if you do this and we can call it a honeypot operation.
  3. Do not rat anywhere in hostile ratting pockets, unless you have an escalation that goes there. If your care bear tendencies get in the way of your participation in fleets, you will be kicked.
  4. The best kind of care bearing in the Syndicate is exploration. By means of exploration, one can discover wormholes. Wormholes lead to chains which lead to content and targets. This is something that all PvPers want.

Don't be a piece of shit. We strive to not be a shit tier / scrub-level corporation, so don't act like you're part of one - you are not. If you do act like a shithead, and treat your mates like dirt, you will be kicked and advised to join a corporation with lower standards because that's where you would belong. Teasing and jokingly messing around with your mates is fine, but don't cross the line into asshole land. If you do, whether accidentally or purposefully, you will have a wrong to right.

When in a fleet: do what the FC says, listen to the FC, and respect the FC. No backseat FC'ing unless the FC is okay with it. It's really not that difficult, so you shouldn't have a problem with this one. We don’t expect to win every fight, but we prize fleet coordination and efficiency above all others. Theory crafting is welcome in our ranks, and we wish to build compact fleets that act like AT teams out in open space.

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